When new skills or a fresh perspective are needed in the process of hiring a senior leader, top companies know outsourcing a key recruiting project is the best investment of time and money.

For over 25 years Smith and Syberg has served a select number of clients in a wide variety of business sectors, functional areas, and organizational levels. Many of our clients have been with us for 20+ years, some from day one. This experience has helped us develop a deep knowledge of industries and a database that can number hundreds of candidates with specialized knowledge.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Selected Assignments

  • President/CEO

  • Chief Operating Officer/COO

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Nursing Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer (hospital)

  • VP of Finance

  • VP of Human Resources

  • VP of Operations

  • VP of Quality

  • VP of Sales & Marketing

  • VP of Global Sourcing

  • Controller

  • General Manager

  • Plant Manager

  • Director of Laboratory Services

  • Director of  Human Resources

  • Director of Accounting

  • Director of Engineering

  • Director of Internal Audit

  • Director of Planning & Logistics

Business Sectors

Smith and Syberg has served various sectors, including:

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Nonprofit

  • Distribution

  • Financial

  • Professional Services

  • Consumer Products

  • Airlines

  • Construction

  • Medical Products